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The settings in Leads AI encompass a wide range of customization options for tailoring the platform to specific business needs. These settings include branding options such as uploading a logo, setting a favicon and defining the header text and preferred language. Additionally, users can select brand colors and adjust the transparency of the sidebar to achieve the desired dashboard appearance. These visual customizations can be saved and applied with ease, allowing for a personalized user experience.

Furthermore, the system settings in Leads AI cover essential details such as currency and currency symbol preferences, payment information, date, and time formats, as well as the ability to edit prefixes for invoices, contracts, estimations, and MDF. These settings provide users with the flexibility to align the platform with their business requirements and regional standards.

Email settings enable the configuration of notifications for various actions, such as lead creation, ticket generation, or new deal creation. Users can manage the notification preferences to streamline communication and stay informed about important activities within the platform.

Payment settings in Leads AI offer extensive flexibility, allowing users to select their preferred currency, define currency symbols, and choose from a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterware, and Razorpay. The platform supports both sandbox and live modes for PayPal integration, providing users with options for testing and live transactions. Once the payment settings are configured, users can save the changes to update the system accordingly.

Moreover, the platform provides options for customizing invoice and estimation templates, including the ability to edit colors and upload logos. These customization features empower users to create professional and branded documents tailored to their business identity. Additionally, the integration settings for Zoom, Slack, Telegram, and Google Calendar enable seamless connectivity with these external tools, enhancing collaboration and communication within the platform.

Finally, the system supports the creation of webhooks, allowing users to define URLs and methods (GET or POST) for integrating external services or triggering specific actions within Leads AI. This comprehensive overview demonstrates the extensive range of settings available in Leads AI, providing users with the tools to configure the platform according to their specific business needs.

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