MEJ Leads AI

In this video, we will explore the functionality of the Roles tab within Leads AI. To create a new role, simply click on the Roles tab and access the role creation interface. Here, you can define the role and its associated permissions. The roles encompass various positions such as employees, managers, CEOs, salesmen, and servicemen, each with specific permissions tailored to their responsibilities.

For instance, an employee may be granted permission to manage leads and create, edit, and delete leads. Let’s consider creating a role for a manager. The manager role may include access to account and system settings, as well as permissions to edit, manage, create, and lead estimations and tasks. These permissions are organized by module, and users can easily select or deselect permissions as needed.

In the pipeline module, the manager may be granted permission to manage, but not edit or delete, while in the stage module, they may have permission to edit but not create or manage. This detailed approach allows for precise control over the permissions granted to each role.

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