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Hello, today we are going to discuss the setup in the Leads AI platform. So let’s move on to the setup tab. In setup, we have multiple things such as pipeline, deal stages, lead stages, labels, payment method, expenses category, contract type, tax rate, custom fields, email notification, MDF status, MDF type, and MDF subtype. These are the subtypes in the setup. Let’s start with the pipeline. In the pipeline, we can make and categorize sales into the pipeline. For instance, “returns” can be a category. Similarly, in the deal stages, we have initial configuration, initial contact, qualification, meeting, and proposal, and we can add another stage like “revised deal.”

We can easily create and delete stages by clicking here. Then, in the lead stages, we have drafted, sent, opened, revised, declined, and accepted. We can create another lead stage as well. In labels, we have new deals, ideas, and appointments, and we can even create a new label with a specific color. In the pipeline, we can create in which category this label has to be made.

Moving on to sources, we have a website, organic, call, social media, and email campaign, and we can even add another source name. Then, the payment methods include cash, bank transfer, PayPal, and Paytm, and we can add more methods here. The expenses category includes meeting, product, repair, and travel, and we can add more categories. Similarly, in the contract type, we have a temporal contract, and a permanent contract, and we can add more types.

For tax rates, we have ARGST at 8% SGST, and CGST, and we can add more here. Custom fields can also be added by clicking on “create custom field type” such as text or email. This will be converted into the form and the modules. Email notifications will be sent when something is created. For instance, if a new user is created, email notifications will be sent.

Moving on to MDF status, it is like a category where we can name it as a status and then give it an MDF. Similarly, the MDF type is created in the same way. We can create one and then just click Create. MDF subtype includes all the category types, type subtypes, and status types.

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