MEJ Leads AI

Today, we’re going to delve into the Report tab within Leads AI. This section encompasses various reports related to leads, deals, invoices, expenses, and income. Starting with the lead reports, users have access to general reports, staff reports, and pipeline reports. The general report provides insights into weekly conversions, source conversions, and monthly records. The staff report allows for month-by-month and date-by-date generation, while the pipeline report offers a comprehensive overview of deals.

Moving on to deal reports, there is an additional client report available. In the invoice section, users can generate reports from the start to the end of the month, select specific deals, set statuses, and view summaries. The summary includes details such as total invoices, total amount paid, and total payment delayed, providing a comprehensive overview of monthly activities.

Similarly, the expense report allows users to track expenses from the start to the end of the month, categorize expenses, and view summaries. This includes details on total expenses and income, providing a clear picture of financial activities. Users can also track conversions and analyze income and expenses for each month, enabling a comprehensive overview of financial performance.

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